• Jane Rubenstein

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How to Prepare For a Puppy: 14 Must Do’s Around the House

Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting time – you’re about to welcome another

member of your family into your home, after all. As you know, puppies require a lot of

time, attention, and love as they become comfortable with you and their new

surroundings. But, it can also be a stressful time for your puppy. So, it’s up to you to

prepare for your puppy as well as you can to make the transition as easy as possible on

both of you.


From buying the right supplies and deciding on house rules to creating a schedule and

training your pup on the right stuff, there’s a lot to remember. Luckily, Redfin asked us,

along with 13 other experts across the country, from Boston, MA to Los Angeles, CA, to

share our best tip on how to prepare for a puppy. Check out what we had to say!

HOW TO PREPARE FOR A PUPPY: 14 Must Do's Around the House

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